At ACE Search, we believe in


Not only building the right team with you, but also helping you benchmark your role and create the right recruitment differentiation strategy to engage high performing SaaS sales leaders.


We are committed to finding you the right person for the job every time. Someone who can do the job and do it well, while also growing in line with the organisation’s culture.


Benefit from our access to an exclusive network of sales and marketing leaders in Europe, as well as our comprehensive search method that we’re constantly improving to find you the best talent.

“You may not be SAP or Salesforce, but you can build a Sales and Marketing team that gets results and accelerates your growth”


At Ace Search, we work with SaaS startups, scaleups and large organisations, entrepreneurs and sales leaders who are selling innovative products.


Quick software delivery over the web through a browser or an app is the new standard in the software world. SaaS subscriptions have grown very fast over the last 10 years with the emancipation of new trends including Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Mobile first and PaaS. While horizontal SaaS companies focus on one category of software and provide a service to different industries, vertical SaaS companies produce software targeting a very particular sector and are usually very niche. Examples of the type of companies we work with are:


SaaS Horizontal companies, such as Customer Relationship Management, Sales, Marketing, Support, Data & Analytics, Human Resources, Recruitment, Training, Legal, Security, Productivity and Collaboration and IoT.

Vertical SaaS Companies, such as Adtech, Insurance, Transport & Mobility, Health, Education, Real Estate & PropTech, Logistics, Travel, Fintech, Agriculture, eCommerce and Retail.

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Sales Manager, Head of Sales, Alliances Manager, Solutions Consultant, PreSales, Strategic Account Manager, Key Account Executive


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